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Every order placed on qualifies for an additional 1% savings applied in the shopping cart as a whole order discount. Discount may not apply to labor, shipping or handling fees. *Some products are excluded from the promotion due to manufacturer minimum resale pricing. Those exclusions include some 3M products, HP products, and hardware and software. All items are subject to exclusion due to manufacturer imposed pricing restrictions.


Orders requiring special attention such as converted materials, color matches and custom-made screens cannot be shipped on the same day as the placed order. Call us at 800-366-1776 or email your local GSG location for specific information about custom order deliveries.


GSG offers free delivery via GSG Truck on orders of $150.00 or more, to our service areas. All orders under $150.00 are subject to a $15 handling fee. Exclusions may apply. We do not accept returns without prior authorization. Authorized returns are subject to a 20% restocking charge and must be in good condition. Items must be new, unused and in its original packaging.


Our Privacy Policy is incorporated as part of the Terms and Conditions that apply with respect to your use of our website and your submission of information to GSG. Our Privacy Policy is not the only policy or agreement applicable to you. GSG's Privacy Policy describes the types of personal information we collect, how we use the information, with whom we share it, and the choices you can make about our use of the information. We also describe the measures we take to protect the security of the information and how you can contact us about our privacy practices. Submitting information to GSG is strictly voluntary.

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1. "Seller" or “GSG” means Graphic Solutions Group, Inc. operating through its affiliates, subsidiaries, business units, or trade name entities as identified on the face of any Sales Contract, Sales Contract and Security Agreement, Application for Credit, Picking Ticket, Invoice and/or Receipt. “Customer” shall mean the person or entity identified on the face of any Sales Contract, Sales Contract and Security Agreement, Application for Credit, Picking Ticket, Invoice, Receipt and/or Purchase Order and its affiliates, subsidiaries, business units, or trade name entities along with their respective officers, directors, employees, contractors, representatives and other individuals acting on their behalf. “Equipment” means all equipment, products and/or services marketed and/or sold by Seller.

2. All sales are expressly conditioned on Customer's agreement to these Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale (“Terms and Conditions”), and Customer represents and warrants that Customer has reviewed and is in agreement with all Terms and Conditions without exception. Any order or statement of intent to purchase any Equipment from Seller, or any direction to proceed with procurement, manufacture or shipment of any of said Equipment, or acceptance of all or part of such Equipment, or payment of all or part of such Equipment shall constitute assent to said Terms and Conditions, in addition to Customer’s express acceptance herein. Any different or additional terms and conditions proposed by Customer in a purchase order or otherwise, are objected to by Seller and will not be binding upon Seller unless specifically assented to in writing by an authorized representative of Seller's management. These Terms and Conditions, together with any Sales Contract, Sales Contract and Security Agreement, and Application of Credit completed by the Customer, represent the entire sales agreement of the parties as to purchases made by Customer from Seller, and supersedes and cancels all other prior discussions and agreements, whether written or oral, between the parties with regard to such subject matter. Provided, however, the parties acknowledge that Seller shall have the right, at Seller’s sole discretion, to change and/or modify its Terms and Conditions in any manner and at any time it deems necessary without notice.

3. Payment terms are net 30 days from date of Seller’s invoice. Customer will pay any invoice issued by Seller without discount, setoff, or reduction. If Customer fails to make payment when due or defaults in any other way, or in the event that Customer files a petition in bankruptcy or assignment generally for the benefit of creditors or initiates, or has initiated against it, any similar proceeding under any law with respect to creditor’s rights, adjustment of debts, or similar law, becomes insolvent, becomes, or admits that it is, unable to pay its debts generally as they become due, or has a third-party manager or receiver appointed over any of its assets, then Seller may, at its option, without limiting any of its other rights or remedies available under these Terms and Conditions, other written agreement between the parties, or applicable law, and until Customer’s account is current: (1) withdraw credit and suspend or cancel performance under any or all applications, agreements and/or orders; (2) reschedule any shipment due to Customer and/or (3) terminate any contract, purchase order or other agreement as to any unshipped portions of Equipment not yet rendered and may terminate any orders placed with its suppliers. Customer will remain liable for Equipment already delivered. Seller may invoice separately for each shipment and, in any case, Customer will pay for each shipment as invoiced without regard for other shipments. If Seller elects to continue to deliver Equipment to Customer after Customer has failed to make payment for the Equipment in advance or fails to provide adequate assurances of performance, no action by Seller shall constitute a waiver of any default by the Customer or in any way affect Seller’s remedies for any such default. In any circumstance where Seller has the right to demand adequate assurance of Customer’s performance (such as, but not limited to, under Section 2-609 of the Uniform Commercial Code, where applicable), Customer will provide such assurance within a reasonable time not to exceed five (5) days.

4. For quotations, unless otherwise stated, quotations expire 30 days from date there of, and are expressly subject to any applicable vendor restrictions. Prices for non-quoted Equipment or contained on expired quotations shall be subject to GSG’s changes at any time. All quotations are subject to Seller credit approval, in Seller’s sole discretion, and are not an offer to sell on an open account basis. All quotations and prices are subject to change without notice and may be modified or withdrawn by Seller prior to any acceptance. Prices quoted for Equipment do not include transportation, insurance or any applicable federal, state or local taxes, and where applicable, such taxes shall be billed as a separate item and paid by the Customer. To the extent that any such amounts are included, they are merely estimates and may be changed at any time. Customer shall be invoiced for applicable taxes unless Customer furnishes a valid resale or tax exemption certificate. If Seller is required to prepay any taxes on behalf of Customer, Customer will promptly reimburse Seller for all such taxes paid. Seller reserves the right to correct all errors and omissions. Quantities and unit prices are for the specific quotations or sale only; any increase or decrease in quantities is solely at the option of Seller.

5. In the event specifications are furnished by Customer, Seller assumes no responsibility for the accuracy or suitability of the specifications. Seller assumes no responsibility for quoted or sold Equipment meeting any job specifications, performance, or other requirements unless specifically so stated in its written quotation. Seller is merely quoting its interpretation of Customer's requirements and bill of material. In the event Customer desires changes in specifications furnished by Seller, such changes shall be subject to Seller’s acceptance and any increased cost resulting therefrom shall be paid by Customer upon invoice.

6. As to Equipment delivered by Seller's truck, title passes upon delivery at the place Customer receives possession; and, thereafter, all risk of loss or damage shall be on Customer. Seller may select the freight carrier, and Customer accepts carrier selection by Seller unless Customer timely specifies in writing an alternative carrier reasonably acceptable to Seller. Deliveries by contract or common carrier are f.o.b. shipping point, and title passes to Customer at point and time of delivery to carrier; and, thereafter, all risk of loss or damage shall be on Customer. On direct shipments from manufacturers, title passes to Customer at point and time of delivery to carrier; and, thereafter, all risk of loss or damage shall be on Customer. Damage or shortage claims arising from direct shipments are to be made by Customer against carrier. Seller assumes no responsibility beyond delivery to carrier in good order and is not responsible for loss, damage, or delay occurring there after. All items shown as freight allowed pertain to particular items and quantities. Any deviation after placement of order, such as changes in quantity or partial release, will be subject to the manufacturer's terms and conditions where applicable.

7. Seller will package the Equipment in accordance with Seller’s standard practice. Unless otherwise agreed to in writing, Customer shall be solely responsible for pre-install setup and site preparation in accordance with the manufacturer guidelines (including, but not limited to, loading, spotting, unpacking, and uncrating of the Equipment and electrical, plumbing, air gas and venting hook ups) at Customer’s sole cost and expense and without cost to GSG. GSG and its suppliers will not be liable for equipment/system failures due to Buyer’s failure to comply with manufacturer guidelines. Such setup and site preparation must be completed before scheduling installation and training. Should Customer request the use of GSG personnel for set-up or modification, additional charges will be payable to GSG at its prevailing per diem rates for such services, plus necessary traveling and other incidental expenses upon invoice. Extra labor or mechanical facilities required to unload shall be provided by Customer without any cost to Seller. All material or equipment necessary for special testing shall be furnished by Customer without cost to GSG. All such costs and charges not specifically included in the Total Sales Price shall be payable by Customer to GSG upon invoice.

8. Seller may make deliveries in installments with appropriate partial invoicing issued for each such installment. Seller may, but will not be required to, shorten lead times and deliver Equipment more quickly than originally estimated, in accordance with Customer requests, but reserves the right to increase pricing accordingly, or impose break-in charges, for directly or indirectly affected Equipment or shipments thereof. Each shipment of Equipment to be delivered is a separate sale and Customer will pay the price for each shipment without regard for any failure to deliver, or non-conformity of, any previous or subsequent shipment. Seller’s breach or default in the delivery of any particular shipment will not permit Customer the right to refuse to receive any other shipment. Time is not of the essence and Customer is not entitled to reject an otherwise conforming tender made within a reasonable time. Any failure by Customer to pay for any shipment within the time stated for payment is an anticipatory material breach with regard to other shipments. Once Seller commences production and/or provision of Equipment and/or determines a shipping or delivery date with regard to the same, Seller will be entitled to provide, ship, and/or deliver such Equipment and receive payment therefore and Customer may not revise the timing for receipt of such Equipment.

9. Shipping dates and/or delivery dates are approximate and are not guaranteed, but if stated, are based upon best information then available and unless otherwise specifically stated in writing, are subject to change without notice. Seller shall not be liable for failure to deliver or for delay in delivery or performance to the extent arising out of or related to (i) a cause beyond its reasonable control, or (ii) an act of God, act or omission of Customer, act of civil or military authority, governmental priority or other allocation or control, fire, floods, other casualties, severe weather, epidemics, quarantine restrictions, strike or other labor difficulty, embargoes, wars, civil commotion, riot, acts of terrorism, insolvency or other inability to perform by the manufacturer, shortage of rail cars or semi-tractors and trailers, delays in transit or inability to secure necessary parts or materials (whether at all or at commercially reasonable prices), or (iii) any other commercial impracticability. In the event of any such delay, the date of delivery or performance shall be extended for a period equal to the time lost by reason of delay. Receipt of the Equipment by Customer shall constitute a waiver of all claims for loss or damage due to delay. In no event will Seller be liable for any loss or damage, including in particular, direct, incidental, indirect, special, punitive or consequential damages (including loss of profits) due to any failure to deliver or delay in delivery. If Seller is wholly or partially unable to perform because of any cause beyond its reasonable control, Seller may allocate production and deliveries among Seller’s customers or may terminate any contract, purchase order or other agreement without any further liability to Customer.

10. Customer represents and warrants that any Equipment that it purchases from Seller are for business or commercial use only and not for domestic, personal, family or household use. Except as provided for in a separately signed agreement, Seller will not be required to provide technical advice, facilities or service in connection with any of the Equipment supplied.

11. The Equipment sold by Seller is the product of third-party manufacturers. The Equipment should perform in accordance with the specifications stated by the manufacturer of the Equipment in the manufacturer’s literature and specifications sheet; however, as a distributor, Seller makes no representations and warranties with regard to any of the Equipment or any portion thereof. Seller assumes no responsibility and makes no representations or warranties as to whether the Equipment complies with any national, state, or local statutes, laws, regulations, restrictions, limitations or other applicable directives. Seller shall use reasonable efforts to obtain from each manufacturer, in accordance with the manufacturer's warranty (copies of which will be furnished upon request) or customary practice, the repair or replacement of Equipment that Seller, in its sole discretion, determines is defective in material or workmanship but only where such defects have not been caused by (i) improper handling, improper storage conditions (including, but not limited to, where applicable, temperature and humidity), installation, maintenance, removal, modification or repair, (ii) casualty, accident, abuse, neglect, or improper use, (iii) alteration of the Equipment by Customer, (iv) use, operation, or connection of the Equipment with a third-party good or software not expressly designated for use with the Equipment, and (v) any design or specification supplied by Customer. The foregoing shall constitute the exclusive remedy of the Customer and the sole obligation of Seller. Except as to title, THERE ARE NO WARRANTIES, EITHER WRITTEN, ORAL, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, relating to the Equipment that extends beyond that described in this paragraph. WHETHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, SELLER MAKES NO REPRESENTATIONS OR WARRANTIES REGARDING THE MERCHANTABILITY, QUALITY, PERFORMANCE, NON-INFRINGEMENT OR FITNESS FOR PARTICULAR PURPOSE FOR ANY EQUIPMENT PROVIDED TO CUSTOMER. FURTHER, GRAPHIC SOLUTIONS MAKES NO WARRANTY OR REPRESENTATIONS REGARDING THE VISIBILITY OF THE EQUIPMENT, THE COMPATABILITY OR OTHER ABILITY OF THE EQUIPMENT TO INTEGRATE WITH CUSTOMER’S SYSTEM(S), OR WHETHER THE EQUIPMENT OR ANY COMPONENT OR CONSUMMABLE THEREOF WILL CONTINUE TO BE AVAILABLE IN THE FUTURE.

12. Seller’s liability on any claim for loss or damage arising out of any agreement between the parties or from the performance or breach thereof or connected with the supplying of any Equipment to Customer, or their sale, resale, operation or use, whether based on contract, warranty, tort (including negligence) or other grounds, shall not exceed the price paid for such Equipment thereof involved in the claim. Seller shall not, under any circumstance, be liable, for any labor charges without the prior written consent of Seller. Seller shall not in any circumstance be liable, whether as a result of breach of contract, warranty, tort (including negligence) or other grounds, for special, indirect, consequential, incidental or penal damages including, but not limited to, loss of profits or revenue, loss of good will, loss of use of the Equipment or any associated product, system or mechanism, cost of capital, cost of substitute products, facilities or services, downtime costs, or claims of customers of the Customer for such damages. If Seller furnishes Customer with advice or other assistance which concerns any Equipment supplied hereunder, or any system or mechanism in which any such Equipment may be installed, and which is not required pursuant to any written agreement between the parties, the furnishing of such advice or assistance will not subject Seller to any liability, whether based on contract, warranty, tort (including negligence) or other grounds. No action may be brought by Customer for any breach of these terms more than one (1) year after the accrual of such cause of action.

13. Customer agrees to immediately examine Equipment upon receipt of delivery. Customer agrees that it shall advise Seller in writing of any defective Equipment within 10 days of receipt of the Equipment. Customer also agrees that it will examine immediately upon receipt each and all of Seller’s statements/invoices, and that it will advise Seller in writing of any transaction disputes within 10 days of receipt of Seller’s statements/invoices. Failure to timely notify Seller of any dispute or defective Equipment shall constitute a complete waiver by Customer of any and all such disputes.

14. Customer may only return Equipment with prior written authorization granted by Seller in its sole discretion, and all authorized returns must be accompanied with a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) written on the outside of the container. Generally, return authorization will not be granted more than 30 days after delivery. Authorized returns may be subject to a re-stocking fee to be paid by the Customer. Special order items are non-returnable unless authorized by specific manufacturer, in which case any and all restocking charges and freight will be paid by the Customer. Seller may refuse returned shipments not approved by Seller or not properly identified. Proper handling procedures must be used in the packing and shipping of all returns. Equipment must be returned in the same or equivalent container in which they were shipped. Customer retains title and assumes all risk of loss relating to Equipment returned for repair or replacement until Seller completes repair or identifies products as replacements.

15. Shipments and/or installations delayed by Customer shall not affect the payment terms as set forth herein. Should shipments be held or stored beyond delivery date for convenience of Customer, Seller may, at its option, assess reasonable charges for any expense incident to such delay.

16. Since the Equipment sold by Seller are not manufactured by Seller, Seller hereby disclaims any and all warranties against patent infringement of any intellectual property rights of any nature. Seller shall, however, if given prompt notice by the Customer of any claim of patent infringement with respect to any Equipment sold hereunder, request the manufacturer to grant for the Customer such indemnity rights as the manufacturer may customarily give Seller with respect to such Equipment.

17. Any order for Equipment by Customer shall constitute a representation that Customer is solvent. Shipments are at all times contingent upon the Customer's financial condition being satisfactory to GSG, in its sole discretion. If, in the sole judgment of Seller, the financial condition of the Customer at the time of manufacture or shipment does not justify the terms of payment specified, Seller reserves the right to require from Customer full or partial payment or other adequate assurance of performance before manufacture or shipment. Seller reserves the right to suspend its performance until such payment or adequate assurance of performance has been received, as solely determined by Seller.

18. Seller reserves all right(s) and remedies pertaining to a repossession and resale of any repossessed Equipment as provided under applicable law. Customer hereby gives Seller and Seller retains a purchase money security interest in the Equipment provided by Seller and any proceeds thereof and accessions thereto pursuant to these Terms and Conditions, Sales Contract, Sales Contract and Security Agreement or other agreement until the debt for such Equipment is paid in full. Seller may file any financing statement or similar document and/or take any other action permitted by applicable law to perfect and enforce such security interest. Customer agrees to promptly execute any documents or furnish information necessary to perfect this security interest, as required by Seller, and Customer authorizes Seller to execute and deliver on Customer’s behalf any such document. This permits Seller, under certain circumstances as provided for by law, to take back or repossess the Equipment if Customer does not pay for it under the terms of the agreement between the parties.

19. In the event that Customer does not pay any invoice or other amount due and owing to Seller when due, Customer agrees to pay interest on past due amounts at the rate of one and one-half percent (1.5%) per month (18% APR), or the maximum lawful rate. Customer acknowledges that the monthly interest rate is subject to change at any time pursuant to the laws of the State of Texas. Interest included in the obligations shall not exceed the maximum amount of nonusurious interest that may be contracted for, taken, reserved, charged, or received under law; any interest in excess of that maximum amount shall be credited to the principal of the obligation or, if that has been paid, refunded. Any partial payments on overdue accounts shall be applied first to accrued interest, then to attorney’s fees, expenses and court costs, then to the remaining principal balance. Customer agrees that, in addition to any other damages, a charge of $30.00 shall apply and be owed to Seller for each check or other instrument that is not honored by the bank or other financial institution on which such check or other instrument is drawn. All rights and remedies of Seller under these Terms and Conditions and any other agreement are cumulative. No pursuit or receipt by Seller of any particular remedy will constitute an exclusive election of remedies and Seller will have the benefit of all remedies available at law, in equity, or otherwise.

20. Seller may revise the amount of credit or terms of payment at any time for any reason. Seller may, at any time without notice, cancel all credit available to Customer and refuse to make further credit advances. Seller may, at its sole discretion, require payment by bank transfer, cash, certified check, C.O.D., or irrevocable letter of credit.

21. Except as otherwise stated in writing signed by GSG’s authorized representative, all Sales Contract, Sales Contracts and Security Agreements and other agreements to purchase Equipment are non-cancelable by Customer except. In the event of cancellation, or wrongful rejection or revocation of acceptance, Customer shall pay GSG the following as liquidated damages:

  • Contract price of all Equipment, whether such items have been delivered to Customer or not,
  • Actual costs incurred by GSG for Equipment not completed, which are allocable to the balance of the agreement between the parties, including the cost of discharging GSG liabilities which are so applicable, and the costs of materials on hand which were acquired or produced in connection with the Equipment, plus a reasonable allowance for profit in connection with partially finished work and materials,
  • A reasonable allowance for profit in connection with Equipment, but with respect to which production has not yet begun at the time of cancellation, rejection or revocation, and
  • Other costs incurred by GSG, including expenses, taxes, freight, crateand attorney's fees.

22. Customer agrees to pay all reasonable court costs, attorney’s fees and other costs on any past due bill or amount owed, or in connection with any legal or equitable action undertaken by Seller to enforce these Terms and Conditions or the provisions of any other agreement, regardless of whether judicial action is taken. Customer acknowledges that Seller’s principal office is located in Dallas, Texas and that all amounts owed to Seller are due and payable in Dallas, Dallas County, Texas. Accordingly, all agreements between the parties shall be subject to, governed by, enforced and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Texas, without regard to conflict of law principles that would result in the application of any law other than the law of the State of Texas. The parties agree that the exclusive jurisdiction for any lawsuit arising out of any agreement or the sale of Equipment to Customer shall be the state and federal courts located in Dallas, Dallas County, Texas. Customer agrees to personal jurisdiction in Texas and waives any objection based on forum non-convenient or any similar argument.

23. Customer will defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Seller and its employees, officers, directors, agents, affiliates, successors and assigns from and against any and all claims, suits, actions, demands, damages, losses, liabilities, penalties, fines, costs and expenses (including, without limitation, attorneys’ fees) whatsoever that are incurred by or made against any indemnitee herein named that arise out of or result from (i) the acts, omissions, negligence or misconduct of Customer, (ii) any claim by any successor holder (including, but not limited to, any end user) of any of the Equipment, or any other person or entity, related to the Equipment sold by Seller, or the purchase, installation, or use of such Equipment, or any undertakings, acts or omissions relating to such Equipment, to the extent such claim is not based upon a breach of an express warranty of Seller, and (iii) any claims for patent infringement which may result from the manufacture, production or sale of articles made in accordance with Customer's specifications.

24. Customer will, or will require Customer’s successor owner of the Equipment to, at Customer’s or the successor’s own expense, properly dispose of the Equipment according to any applicable law.

25. Customer shall use, and require its employees, contractors, and agents to use, all available safety precautions, in addition to any specifically set forth in any manuals, material safety data sheets, technical data sheets, instruction sheets, if any, furnished by Seller (or available from raw material suppliers) relating to the Equipment. If Customer does not receive any required material safety data sheets for any Equipment from Seller, Customer will request them from Seller. If Customer fails to strictly observe each and every one of the obligations set forth in this Section 24,or if Customer’s use of any of the Equipment is in violation of any standard or rule of the American National Standards Institute or Occupational Health and Safety Act, or other applicable workplace law, regulation, or standard, Customer will indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Seller and Seller and its employees, officers, directors, agents, affiliates, successors and assigns from and against any and all claims, demands, damages, actions, and causes of action, as well as any and all liability, loss, or expense of any kind, including reasonable attorneys’ fees arising from, connected with or in any way pertaining to any such failure by Customer.

26. Customer shall notify Seller promptly, and in any event within 14 days, after any accident or failure involving the Equipment that results in personal injury or damage to property and shall cooperate fully with Seller in investigating and determining causes of such accident or failure.

27. Under no circumstances will Seller be obliged or liable to Customer or to any third party with respect to any representation, warranty, covenant, duty, or liability to any third party. Without limiting the foregoing, Seller expressly disclaims and rejects any obligation of any kind to comply with any terms or conditions of Customer’s direct or indirect customer(s), regardless of any obligation to such persons taken on by, and/or imposed upon, Customer and regardless of whether Seller is aware of any such requirement upon Customer. Seller will be liable to any third party, if at all, solely according to such separately negotiated, written, and signed agreement, if any, as Seller actually negotiates and executes with such third party.

28. Neither delay in exercise nor partial exercise of any of Seller’s remedies or rights shall waive further exercise of those remedies or rights. Seller may remedy any default without waiving it. No waiver by Seller at any time of any default or breach by Customer of or compliance with any condition or provision of these Terms and Conditions or other agreement between the parties shall be deemed a waiver of similar or dissimilar provisions or conditions at the same or at any prior or subsequent time.

29. Customer acknowledges and agrees that it may obtain confidential information (“Confidential Information”) from Seller including, but not limited to Seller’s pricing and programs, which shall not be shared by Customer with any third party without Seller’s prior written consent. Customer shall limit disclosure of Sellers’s Confidential Information to those employees or agents whose use of or access to the Confidential Information is necessary to carry out its obligations under this Agreement. Seller shall exercise all commercially reasonable security precautions to protect the integrity and confidentiality of the Confidential Information and shall provide the same level of protection to any of Seller’s Confidential Information as Customer provides for its own confidential information. Customer acknowledges and agrees that its breach of any of its obligations in this section would cause injury to Seller and would cause damages that would be difficult to ascertain or quantify. Accordingly, without limiting any remedies that may be available with respect to any breach by Customer, Customer acknowledges that entry of an injunction may be appropriate to restrain any breach of this section.

30. Customer shall not use any trademark, copy-righted material or other intellectual property belonging to Seller, except as expressly authorized in writing by Seller. Seller shall have the right to review hard copies of any proposed use of Seller’s trademarks, copy-righted material or other intellectual property and to approve same prior to such usage being made public. Customer acknowledges the such information is the sole property of Seller, and Customer agrees and shall ensure that it shall not assert any claim of ownership to any of Seller’s trademark, copy-righted material or other intellectual property, or otherwise interfere with Seller’s sole and exclusive rights to such trademarks, copy-righted material or other intellectual property, and that all goodwill from use of Seller’s trademark, copy-righted material or other intellectual property by Customer shall inure to the benefit of Seller, and that Customer shall not take any action in derogation of any of Seller’s rights.

31. Customer agrees that during the time it is a customer of Seller it will not, either directly or indirectly, either alone or in concert with others encourage, solicit, entice, or induce any employee or consultant of Seller to leave Seller’s employment or to otherwise stop working for Seller for any reason or to accept employment with Customer or any other affiliated business or company.

32. Customer agrees not to make any statements or comments with are defamatory, disparaging and/or otherwise damaging to Seller’s image, reputation, and/or business. Any concerns or complaints Customer may have should be promptly brought to Seller’s attention. Customer acknowledges and agrees that its breach of any of its obligations in this section would cause injury to Seller and would cause damages that would be difficult to ascertain or quantify. Accordingly, without limiting any remedies that may be available with respect to any breach by Customer, Customer acknowledges that entry of an injunction may be appropriate to restrain any breach of this section.

33. If any part of these Terms and Conditions, Sales Contract, Sales Contract and Security Agreement, Application for Credit or any other written agreement between the parties is judicially declared invalid, unenforceable, or to be void because it is inconsistent with, violative of, or contrary to any applicable law, such declaration shall not affect any other part of the applicable agreements and the part so affected shall be reformed to the extent (and only to the extent) necessary to make the agreements between the parties enforceable or, if necessary, violative provision shall be deemed to be deleted, and the remainder of the agreement between the parties shall have the same force and effect as if such part had never been included therein. The invalidity or unenforceability of any part in any jurisdiction shall not affect the validity or enforceability of any such part in any other jurisdiction.

34. The covenants of the parties made herein, and in the Sales Contract, Sales Contract and Security Agreement, Application for Credit or any other written agreement, shall survive the termination thereof.

35. Seller’s rights under these Terms and Conditions and any other agreement between the parties shall inure to the benefit of its successors and assigns. If there is more than one Customer, all their representations, warranties, and agreements are joint and several. Customer’s obligations under any Sales Contract, Sales Contract and Security Agreement, these Terms and Conditions, Application of Credit or other agreement between the parties shall bind Debtor’s heirs, personal representatives, successors, and assigns.


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