GSG Announces Multiple Employee Promotions

GSG Announces Multiple Employee Promotions

Graphic Solutions Group lives by its standard to be the irreplaceable supplier to the  Graphic Communications marketplace with employees who learn the business from the ground up

Dallas, Texas (December 13, 2021) – GSG announces multiple promotions for employees who began their career pulling orders in the warehouse or as an Inside Sales Representative. The organization congratulates these employees on their professional growth and energetic approaches to the future of GSG.

GSG prioritizes values, and actively promotes career development by recognizing promotional paths with employees early on in their tenures. “It’s important to note, these employees who were recently promoted started their career at GSG with pulling orders in the warehouse,” said Mark Granberry, GSG President. “They learned the business from the ground up and have continually strived to improve their skills and learned how to adapt, improvise, and overcome. These are the type of employees who are key to GSG’s future success.”

The organization announces the promotion of the following employees:

Lauren Forte started with GSG in 2009 as her first job out of college where she was a member of the Leadership Development Program (LDP). She has worked in several different departments, which have included Purchasing, Inside Sales, and the Dallas Branch Manager. With her most recent promotion, Forte was named the Inside Sales Director. “Lauren’s strong customer service skills and desire to improve processes at GSG make her the perfect person to lead our Inside Sales Team,” said Granberry.

Manuel “Manny” Garza has been employed by GSG for over 11 years. While working at GSG, Garza has been inspired by the upward career path GSG provides to its employees with training and opportunities. “The best thing about working at GSG is the culture. I personally love to help people grow and so does GSG. When you work for a company that values the same things that you do, it’s a great fit,” said Garza. The majority of Garza’s GSG career was spent in sales where he learned the foundation of the business and to always put the customer at the center of every interaction and task. In 2018, Garza was promoted to Branch Manager and most recently to Dallas Regional Manager. As the Dallas Regional Manager, Garza will have initial oversight on the Dallas Distribution Center, assist with the Austin Branch and soon will include the Oklahoma City and Tulsa Branches.

Guillermo “Memo” Lopez was promoted to Austin Branch Manager. Lopez’s 3 year tenure at GSG, began as an Inside Sales Representative. Prior to that, he worked in a sign shop for almost 6 years and was a GSG customer. When asked what he would like to accomplish as Austin Branch Manager, Lopez says, “It’s important to build upon the systems and processes currently in place to keep the Austin Branch running as smoothly as it has been for the past few years. I’m very excited to start this new role and continue to help GSG grow!”

Michael Roberts began his career at GSG in October 2012. He was also a member of the Leadership Development Program (LDP) where he rotated through many departments to gain a global perspective on GSG’s operations. Roberts began in GSG’s City Sales which led him to a position as an Inside Sales Rep and ultimately the Houston Branch Manager. Roberts was recently named the Houston Regional Manager, where he will have oversight of the Houston Distribution Center and the Austin and Baton Rouge Branches. Roberts’ most favorite aspect about being at GSG is the team he works with. “There are too many reasons to list about why I love working at GSG,” said Roberts, “however, my most favorite is the team and the people. I’m thankful that at any given moment I can sit at one table with five individuals and have access to 150+ years of industry knowledge.”

“We absolutely love to announce internal promotions,” said Terri White, Vice President of Human Resources. “It means an irreplaceable employee took charge of their career, applied for a GSG opening and succeeded in taking their role on our team to the next level.”

For over 70 years, GSG has built its reputation on people and service. The organization delivers high quality products and attention to its customers. If you have a service first attitude, a team-oriented way of thinking and are hardworking, GSG invites you to join its team. For more information about GSG or to view current job openings, visit