Printing QR Codes on Perforated Window Film

QR codes have become a common sight over the past few years, appearing on food packaging, business cards, brochures and even billboards. QR codes are a great way to redirect potential customers to a number of things, including signing up to newsletters, product notifications, landing pages and exclusive offers. Store windows and internal partitions offer great locations for QR codes with proximity to potential customers with smart phones, perhaps offering a discount voucher or access to an online store outside of opening hours.


Can QR codes be printed onto perforated window film?

Yes. QR codes and perforated window film are widely assumed to be incompatible due to the belief that the loss of detail will preclude the use of QR codes on window perf.  Integrating QR codes into your one-way window advertising can be best done if you choose Contra Vision High-Definition Perforated Window Film.


Why should I use Contra Vision HD for QR codes?

Contra Vision HD features a 60/40 perforating pattern with 1mm holes which are 60% smaller in area than standard one-way vision window films. This break-through micro perforated window film will deliver the clearest and sharpest images including small type and detailed logos, making it the ideal choice for QR codes.

  • By choosing HD over standard one-way vision, readable QR codes can be printed down to a size of 2”x 2” compared to 3” x 3” if using standard 60/40 perf.
  • A QR code printed on Contra Vision HD white on black can also be read from further away (typically 15%) than the same code printed on standard definition 60/40 white on black perforated window film.

This opens up the opportunities for design acceptable sized QR codes to be incorporated into one-way vision window advertising.

If you’re thinking of adding a QR code to your next perforated window film application, remember to ensure each code leads to a source of valuable information, a call to action and that it’s printed-on HD, because QR codes are better in HD.