Our mission is to be a strategic business partner, setting the standard as a provider of products and technology to the Screen Printing, Sign, Digital Imaging and Embroidery industries.

We are committed to providing you support, education and consulting services. With the customer at the center of everything we do, GSG is a powerhouse distributor of:

  • Traditional Screen
  • Sign
  • Wide-format Digital Printing
  • Embroidery
  • Textile Decorating

We've seen these industries grow and change in our 70 years; but, there's one thing never changes: GSG's dedication providing you with high-quality products and industry-leading services.

We've been around. We'll be around. From the highs and the lows, standing right here with you and providing the Right Products, Right Away®.


Our values inform our thoughts, words and actions. They are reflected in the decisions we make every day. The values below act as a guiding principle for all individuals within our organization. At GSG, we value:


W.C. Coleman, the inventor of the Coleman lantern, said, "Nothing is ever really sold until it is delivering satisfaction to the customer." At GSG, we are dedicated to ensuring that the products and services we sell are delivering satisfaction to our customers.


We continually explore new opportunities to provide our customers with the latest in new products and new technology. We will continue to invest in new technology so that we are able to supply products accurately and on time.


We strive to achieve excellence in everything we do so that we always provide the best quality in the products and services.


We do what we say we are going to do and strive to deliver more than is expected by dealing with customers, suppliers and employees with respect, honesty and integrity.


By providing quality products, innovative solutions, and technological expertise, we strive to lower our customer's overall production costs, thereby increasing their return on their investment. In the same vein, we strive to achieve strong financial performance within Graphic Solutions Group, Inc., which benefits our customers, suppliers, our employees and our stakeholders.


We will utilize our resources to better the communities in which we work and live.