1950 - 1979


Texas Sign Supply was founded in Dallas, TX by John Lamb Cincinnati Sign Supply Texas Sign Supply Company was founded in Dallas by Hank Granberry in 1950 to provide supply materials to Texas growing sign industry. The company’s young owners soon realized that screen printing was a rapidly expanding market niche and extended their operations to include the sale of screen printing products, materials and equipment to their customers.


In 1962, the opportunity to expand northward into Oklahoma presented itself Market expansion into Oklahoma. Neo Sign Supply Company was created to service customers in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, and Missouri.


By 1966, the demand was so great that a new entity, Texas Screen Process Supply Company, was spun off to handle the burgeoning business.

1980 - 1999


Hank Granberry and Roy Baxley acquired John Lamb’s interest in the three companies; Opened the Houston, TX facility.


Merged the three entities of Texas Screen, Texas Sign and Neo Sign Supply.

2000 - 2015

As the twentieth century came to a close, the sign, screen printing and digital imaging markets began to blend together and become less differentiated. Recognizing the impact of these significant changes, the decision was made to merge Texas Screen, Texas Sign, and Neo Sign Supply into one company to better serve the needs of the changing customer base.

The merger became official in January of 2001. To represent the consolidation of the three companies into one, and to have a name that better reflected the shifting marketplace, the decision was made to rename the company Graphic Solutions Group, Inc.


Mark Granberry acquired the newly combined entity from Hank Granberry and Roy Baxley. The company was renamed Graphic Solutions Group, Inc. (GSG).


Merged the three entities of Texas Screen, Texas Sign and Neo Sign Supply.


Opened Baton Rouge, LA


Opened Austin, TX


Added local, daily delivery to the Little Rock, AR metro

2016 - Present


Purchased Cincinnati Sign Supply


Market expansion – Minneapolis, MN


Purchased Spectrum Screen Supply – Milwaukee, WI


Acquired The PAS Store from Brother International Corporation


Purchased McBee Supply – Houston, TX


Acquired Denver, CO location of Montroy Sign and Graphic Products

Today, GSG combines a unique understanding of the latest digital printing technologies with a half a century of knowledge and experience in traditional sign, screen printing, embroidery and textile decorating.

As a fully committed partner to printers in the southwest and across the US, we know our success depends on the success of our customers. To make our customers more productive – and profitable – GSG offers the following services:

  • Screen making
  • Color matching
  • Digital technical support
  • Educational and consulting services
  • Equipment services