Magna-Glide Magnetic Bobbin Size M

BOBBINS STYLE M WHITE Magna-Glide 100/box
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Features and Benefits

The Magna-Glide bobbin is producted from high tenacity polyester filament yarn. Each bobin sews consistently from the first to the last stich with minimal tension variation. Magna_Glidelide Classics are available in white, black, and 12 popular colors in style L and M/Jumbo bobbins. This unique bobbin uses a small magnet at the core to provide uniform tension control and eliminates the use of backlash spring bobbin cases.

  • 100% continuous filament polyester
  • Patented magnetic core creates consistent tension throughout every bobbin while significantly increasing productivity and stitches per bobbin
  • Runs clean through the bobbin case with virtually no lint buildup
  • Uniform tension and more stitches per bobbin, with reduced garment scrap equals higher profits
  • Eliminate backlash and over spin worries
  • The product of choice for embroidery techs worldwide
More Information
Brand NameFil-Tec
Item OptionEmbroidery Bobbin
Series/Sub BrandMagna-Glide
Thread TypeContinuous Filament
Thread Length230 yds.
Tex Size12