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  • Isacord Polyester 60 Weight Embroidery Thread

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Serafil is synonymous with sewing thread made from strong, durable, high-tenacity polyester continuous filaments. Serafil meets the high standards of seam quality, seam strength, and seam appearance and also has proven UV resistance. A robust sewing thread used for heavy fabrics and many technical applications. A sewing thread with many fields of application, e.g. airbags, car upholstery, suitcases, leather clothes, heavy fabrics, and decorative seams.

  • The outstanding product for shoes and leather
  • For closing and decorative seams
  • Noble soft sheen
  • High seam strength
  • Most reliable sewing performance with perfect stitch formation
  • Polyester continuous filament
  • Serafil 120/2 corresponds to ticket 60 in embroidery thread and is ideally suited for embroideries of filigree details and smallest letters

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