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  • Forever Paper Multi-Trans Hard Surface

    Laser transfer papers for use with CMYK and CMYW (White Toner) Laser Printers. No Cut - No Weed. Print onto Laser Mugs or any hard surface that will fit under your press and won't melt at 200 degrees centigrade. Multi Trans will also print onto hard products; for which you have a 'jig' (such as pens).

  • Forever Paper Flex Soft

    FOREVER Flex-Soft is a revolutionary new way of printing single-color or metallic self-weeding designs without any need for a vinyl cutter or plotter! This two-paper system uses a colored foil transparency-like sheet (printable) that is combined with a B-paper for adhesion, for transferring one-color designs easily and quickly. Plus, the use of the printable Flex Soft allows for a far greater detail possiblities than is possible with cuttable heat transfer vinyl materials, or any other self-weeding papers on the market!

  • Forever Paper Subliflex

    Transfer paper for printing onto light and dark coloured textiles. A cold peel transfer paper for light and dark coloured textiles. Especially suitable for letters, numbers and logos.

  • Forever Paper Transparent

    Laser transfer papers for use with CMYK Laser Printers. No Cut - No Weed. Self weeding heat transfer paper for printing onto white/light coloured textiles. Laser Transparent (No Background) leaves no residue and no white background in the unprinted areas of the transfer.

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