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  • Cutaway Backing Sheets

    Cut-aways are permanent stabilizers that remain on the fabric and keep it stable during and after embroidery. Cut-aways are available in heavy to light weights, and in black as well as white. Choose a lightweight cut-away for designs with light stitch density and a heavier stabilizer for dense embroidery designs, or use more than one layer of a light- to medium-weight product with the latter. To remove a cut-away stabilizer, first rough-cut the excess stabilizer from the fabric. Then, using sharp embroidery scissors, trim close to the stitching.

  • Tearaway Backing Sheets

    Tear-aways are temporary stabilizers that are generally easy to remove, but be careful to do so without pulling or stretching the fabric. Some of these products tear more easily than others, so check this when testing a stabilizer. Also keep in mind that some may tear more readily in one direction than another, so check "tearability" in all directions, as well. Some tear-aways, called toppings, are intended for use on top of, rather than beneath, the fabric in order to prevent stitches from getting lost in a dense nap or pile. Iron-on, fusible tear-aways make it easier to keep the fabric and stabilizer on-grain during hooping without distorting the fabric.